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Client: Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Event: General Managers’ Conference

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is relatively new to the UK and this was their first ever conference. It had to send out the right message and set the tone for future events. Getting it wrong would mean risking losing buy-in amongst 65 key staff.


The brief was simply “the last thing this conference should look like, is a conference”.


Particular challenges:
The challenge was two-fold. We had to get 65 people, most of whom hadn’t met each other, to feel as one and immediately recognise the company culture pervading the entire event. Secondly, existing bookings meant we had to break down and re-set up overnight to a different room within the venue.


How did we meet the objectives and overcome challenges:

The event had a ‘rock’ theme throughout, from the invites (red vinyl singles) to the ‘access all areas’ badges, stage dressing and team activities. We randomly grouped attendees into rock bands, and each person was presented with their own mock band t-shirt along with tattoo sleeves on arrival. After a welcome, people were introduced to their fellow band members. Over the next few hours, they were then taught the basics of playing the drums, keyboards, guitar and bass. Some helped write lyrics, and some practiced singing.

The climax of the session was when each band performed in front of the whole crowd to rapturous applause! It was a fantastically electric atmosphere and a completely shared experience.

We had a second AV crew in overnight to strip down the set and rebuild it in a different area, in readiness for the next day. Day two was a similarly rock-and-roll affair with guitars as centre pieces, drumstick pens on tables, and even Five Guys-branded Jack Daniels for each person (to be consumed post-event!)

Assured Events received an over all feedback score of over 97%!

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“Assured Events worked really well with us, and really hard for us. They came up with some great ideas, and helped make any ideas we had become reality. The event was a massive success, which ran smoothly every step of the way with Assured Events at the helm. They were quick to implement any idea or changes we made and always without it being any trouble and always with a smile on their faces.”
Five Guys - Operations Director


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