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Client: Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE)
Event: 2015 Conference Exhibition

To provide a 50-plot exhibition of various providers at an annual conference in April.


Particular challenge:
The venue didn’t have sufficient space for an exhibition of this size. The exhibition is also oversubscribed and attendees need a mix of known faces and new suppliers – not just those that book first. The host University also likes to showcase suppliers that have worked on current or recent projects.



How did we meet the objectives and overcome challenges:

To overcome the space problem, we set up a marquee in a staff car park complete with temporary Wi-Fi network to give exhibitors online access for demonstrations etc. The marquee also acted as the lunch and refreshment area, so delegates had ample opportunity to meet exhibitors.

To give AUDE control over which exhibitors attended, we contacted our database of potential exhibitors for expressions of interest before opening the exhibition for bookings. We then passed these to the client Conference Steering Group, which identified a balanced mix of suppliers and ensured no one sector was over-represented.

We appointed one person within our project team to act as the exhibitor manager, so a single point of contact was available from very early on. We also set up an information point within the marquee purely for exhibitor enquiries.


91% of exhibitors scored the event as an excellent use of their time. The quality of Assured Events support was rated at 100%. 86% were very interested in attending next year’s event.

91% of delegates said that they had found at least one supplier that they would be following up with and 100% thought the products and services exhibited were relevant to them.

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“Best I've attended yet (out of 5)”
Delegate: AUDE


“Excellent opportunity to network and meet fellow consultants, contractors and estates directors. We would love to have the opportunity to attend next year.”
Exhibitor: AUDE


“Many thanks indeed for your excellent support to the AUDE 2015 conference in Stirling. Please could you pass on my thanks on behalf of AUDE to everyone at Assured Events who was involved. It was much appreciated.”
Executive Officer: AUDE


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