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Pledge a Pint!

We think this is a brilliant idea!!

We’re working with Sarah Gower Jones, the organiser of the Stockport Primary School Young Entrepreneur scheme, but Sarah has another string to her bow.

In April 2012, her husband Sam, went from being very fit and healthy to being at death’s door within a 48 hour period.  Doctors had no idea what the cause was but his lungs just stopped working.

Long story short…Sam has made a full recovery but it took over 30 pints of blood and blood products and extensive intensive care treatment to do so.  Sam is extremely grateful to those people who had made their blood available to him but feels that he has taken more than his fair share!!

Sam recently ran the London Marathon and has set up a website to get a rather unique form of "sponsorship"  www.pledgeapint.co.uk

We think this is nothing short of inspired and is a brilliant way of supporting people taking part in sporting events!!  And with 96% of us relying on the other 4% to give blood, it’s also a brilliant way of increasing the chances of saving a life.

We've pledged and Sam's cause will now become one of our causes when we take part in ridiculously ill-thought out, physical challenges in an attempt to support charities and good causes! (More on this later...)

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