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Top tips for planning the ultimate Christmas party!

As Christmas comes just once a year and at the end of the year, it is a great opportunity to thank your employees for all of their efforts over the last twelve months.  But where do you start in the planning for your Christmas party?  Here is our guide to the key elements that you need to think about:

What is your budget?  Firstly you need to work out how much money you can devote to your party – this will determine what your options are and can quickly rule in or out those at the very top of your wish list!  Work on a cost per head basis, so work out if you want this to include food, drink and accommodation. 

Book early – if you’ve got a very specific venue in mind, then you will have to move fast to secure it.  Most venues are happy to start taking bookings for Christmas parties from March onwards! 

What type of event would you like – Firstly, you need to decide what type of event you would like.  Do you want your event to be exclusive (i.e. only attended by people who you have invited) or shared (i.e. your guests are part of a wider event, for example a music concert).  Once you have decided that, you can start thinking about the party itself.  Here are some ideas....

Banquet – This will get everyone together and also gives you the chance to mix up your teams – a good chance to get people talking to different people (although an ice breaker early on may help)

Fancy dress – The options for this are unlimited!  It can be around a particular letter (e.g. the first letter of your company name) or over a particular time, e.g. the 1980s, or anything that you fancy

Fairground – Having lots of things to do (apart from celebrate with Christmas spirits!) is great for an event, so an adult style fairground with lots of games can be great fun

There are lots of other things that you will need to consider for your Christmas party, we are only scratching the surface.  Also, you may well be attending the party in which case you will want to relax and enjoy the night.  That is where we can help.  Make the most of our huge experience to plan all of your event’s details – you will be able to enjoy the party safe in the knowledge that event professionals are looking after the detail.  Contact us to find out more - 0161 428 1115.

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