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Event Management in Manchester Looking at Bristol: Where to stay & where to dine

Planning an event with a difference try The Glassboat Bristol

Event management ideas for Bristol

We may be an event management company based in Manchester but our clients' projects take us all over the UK and beyond. Recently we have been researching Bristol for accommodation and dining for an event a client has asked us to organise and we thought we'd share some of our recommendations.

Set in the heart of South West England, Bristol is renowned for its great links to Cardiff and London, however, the city also holds many a gem worthy of considering. The city is home to a wealth of culture; world class art, drama and musical flare. Bristol is a diverse city and boasts something for everyone.  Here are our top recommendations for a visit to the city:


Berwick Lodge
A beautifully renovated manor house, re-opened in 2009. With 10 boutique and bespoke designed bedrooms, this rural retreat is great for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, yet still be close enough to enjoy what the city has to offer. With converted mews now a Conference Centre and an onsite Cookery school, Berwick Lodge is great for corporate meets or incentives.

Number 38 Cliffton
Set in the sleepy village of Cliffton, minutes from the centre, Number 38 has recently been voted “Coolest Place to Stay in the UK” by The Times newspaper. Feeling like a home from home, each of the boutique, townhouse bedrooms are decorated with plush furnishings and comforts. Complete with an outdoor terrace overlooking the rooftops of Cliffton village, Number 38 is a highly recommended choice!

Food & Drink:

The Milk Thistle
Pitching itself as “the big brother” of Bristol’s secret cocktail bar “Hyde & Co”, The Milk Thistle is everything you image a private members club to be; dark mahogany decor, walls adorned with leather books and dim, candle lighting. The venue is open to us general riff raff, however, be sure to adhere to the “House Rules” – all rather tongue in cheek though darling!

Overlooking the iconic harbour, the Glassboat is set in the floating harbour at the heart of the city. (It’s name derives from the fact that the water level remains constant, the harbour is not affected by the tidal changes of the River Avon). As the name suggests, the Glassboat is simply that. Despite its contemporary decor, many of its fittings have a great history, for example the glass and walnut floors came from Courage Brewery on Temple Back. Occupying such a niche setting, Glassboat is an iconic backdrop for any event.

Cox and Baloney Tea Rooms
If you are looking for something a little different to your contemporary wine bars and cosmopolitan cocktail hangouts, why not try afternoon tea at Cox & Baloney Tea Rooms. Serving quintessentially English afternoon tea, complete with vintage china and the sweetest delights; let the team rooms take you back to simpler times! Cox & Baloney is also available for private hire and run various workshops; great for private parties or as a retro luncheon for meetings in the city!

Bristol looks an ideal location if you're looking for some unique event venues and don't be afraid to ask a Manchester event organiser to plan your project there!

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4 Great Foodie Places in Liverpool

event organiser in Manchester recommends Lucha Libre, Liverpool

Great Places to Eat in Liverpool

As an  event management company in Manchester, we often look west along the M62 to search out venues for clients across all budget sizes.  You may think that unusual but our corporate event projects take us all over Cheshire, the North West and the rest of the UK.

Famed for its musical heritage and former Capital of Culture 2008, Liverpool has historically enjoyed a wealth of international influence. The city is also home to many colourful culinary delights, inspired from across the globe, check out our top restaurant recommendations for the city;

Lucha Libre
Lucha Libre is a relatively new addition to the city, serving great Mexican Street food. Sitting around benches, your waiter will brief you on the menu via an iPad photo stream while you a drink out of recycled glass jam jars! In keeping with the authentic street food, dinner is served on red street trays and the bill won’t disappoint either. Lucha is a great place to visit with friends, creating a sociable eating experience without the high price tag! The venue is also home to a quirky underground bar – check out our Liverpool Bars Blog for more info!  It's not for your average formal corporate event - but then we don't do average.

The London Carriage Works
This is not your average hotel restaurant; the Carriage Works is one of Liverpool’s leading restaurants, establishing itself on Hope Street in late 2003. Its name descends from an original sign that was discovered during renovation works; once the home of a coach and carriage builders. Its sheek, contemporary décor is complimented by an equally fashionable menu; delights include scented meats and truffle oils!

Lark Lane
With so many gems housed along its cobbled streets it is difficult to pick out just one! Lark Lane is a chic, bohemian area of the city, home to countless bars, bistro’s, cafes, restaurants – the list goes on. Our real recommendation would be to take a walk down Lark Lane and pick what you fancy – wherever you choose, we guarantee you will not be disappointed! We will however leave you with some personal favourites; Que Casa Pantina (Mexican), Chilli Banana (Thai) & Keith’s Food & Wine Bar (European).

Panoramic 34
Enjoy the city skyline from 34 floors up in one of the UK’s highest restaurants, towering 100m above sea level. On a clear day you can view the Welsh roving hills and even as far as the Hilton in Manchester! Panoramic is an exclusive venue, this is further enhanced by the Private Dining Suite aptly named the “Penthouse”, located on the top of West Tower. Complete with private bar, lounge and plush decor thought, the Penthouse it the ultimate way to dine clients or an exclusive destination for your next event.

Know somewhere that should be on this list? Why not get in touch and let us know – we'd love to hear from you!

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Ideas for CSR teambuilding

manchester event organiser recommends CSR teambuilding

What is CSR Teambuilding?

Here at Assured Events we are continually helping clients with event planning which means exploring innovative ideas to engage employess and CSR teambuilding always scores highly amongst staff.

Of course, your staff work for you for a wage, but not far behind on their list of wants and needs is to take some level of enjoyment from their work.  Yes we all like to get something for nothing but the truth is, that it's also part of the human condition that we take a lot from being able to give to others.

CSR teambuilding looks to incorporate aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into your teambuilding event, whether this is through involvement in community or charity projects or driving charitable donations. Whichever way you look at it, it's about giving something back.

Who should involve themselves in CSR Teambuilding?

Pretty much anyone! You don’t have to have a strict CSR policy, just the drive and imagination to explore alternatives to traditional teambuilding activities. CSR Teambuilding not only engages employees, but provides a whole new sense of achievement compared to that of traditional methods, while still allowing key business objectives to be met.

CSR Teambuild Examples:

Community Contribution Days

manchester event organiser csr community challenge

Activities can range from conservation such as rebuilding forest pathways, hedgerows and fences or perhaps clearing canal sides, to renovation or simply helping out a youth group in your local area. The idea of such days is to engage employees, whilst making a visible difference in their local community. 

Charity Challenge

manchester event organiser charity challenge

Run in the style of ever popular TV shows such as The Apprentice or Bargain Hunt, teams work in sub-groups to accumulate currency, while working collectively towards the common goal of trying to raise as much money for a chosen charity or cause. The currency can then be spent at the 'shop' to buy items for those supported by local good causes.  This is great for those wishing to take a more light hearted approach to CSR teambuilding.  It also allows for all sizes of budget as the currency can be set to whatever value you choose.

CSR Incentive

manchester event organiser csr incentive

If CSR is proving to be at the forefront of your business objectives then maybe you could consider testing the water with a CSR incentive programme.  Becoming ever popular in the current climate; collaboration with a needy cause can see notable benefits for all involved.  For example staff could be incentivised to earn a place on a team that could take over a charity shop to try and drive sales or perhaps become involved with helping a local homless shelter.  It needn't be a one-off either - a whole programme could be developed.

CSR teambuilds are fantastic at breaking down barriers created by hierarchy, silo mentality or gelling new teams or departments.  The results are very tangible and very rewarding.  We are an event organiser based in Manchester but plan events all over Cheshire, the north west and the UK.  If this blog has got you thinking about how CSR teambuilding could work for you, contact us for a fresh look on teambuilding. 

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Tel: 0161 428 1115

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