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4 Great Foodie Places in Liverpool

event organiser in Manchester recommends Lucha Libre, Liverpool

Great Places to Eat in Liverpool

As an  event management company in Manchester, we often look west along the M62 to search out venues for clients across all budget sizes.  You may think that unusual but our corporate event projects take us all over Cheshire, the North West and the rest of the UK.

Famed for its musical heritage and former Capital of Culture 2008, Liverpool has historically enjoyed a wealth of international influence. The city is also home to many colourful culinary delights, inspired from across the globe, check out our top restaurant recommendations for the city;

Lucha Libre
Lucha Libre is a relatively new addition to the city, serving great Mexican Street food. Sitting around benches, your waiter will brief you on the menu via an iPad photo stream while you a drink out of recycled glass jam jars! In keeping with the authentic street food, dinner is served on red street trays and the bill won’t disappoint either. Lucha is a great place to visit with friends, creating a sociable eating experience without the high price tag! The venue is also home to a quirky underground bar – check out our Liverpool Bars Blog for more info!  It's not for your average formal corporate event - but then we don't do average.

The London Carriage Works
This is not your average hotel restaurant; the Carriage Works is one of Liverpool’s leading restaurants, establishing itself on Hope Street in late 2003. Its name descends from an original sign that was discovered during renovation works; once the home of a coach and carriage builders. Its sheek, contemporary décor is complimented by an equally fashionable menu; delights include scented meats and truffle oils!

Lark Lane
With so many gems housed along its cobbled streets it is difficult to pick out just one! Lark Lane is a chic, bohemian area of the city, home to countless bars, bistro’s, cafes, restaurants – the list goes on. Our real recommendation would be to take a walk down Lark Lane and pick what you fancy – wherever you choose, we guarantee you will not be disappointed! We will however leave you with some personal favourites; Que Casa Pantina (Mexican), Chilli Banana (Thai) & Keith’s Food & Wine Bar (European).

Panoramic 34
Enjoy the city skyline from 34 floors up in one of the UK’s highest restaurants, towering 100m above sea level. On a clear day you can view the Welsh roving hills and even as far as the Hilton in Manchester! Panoramic is an exclusive venue, this is further enhanced by the Private Dining Suite aptly named the “Penthouse”, located on the top of West Tower. Complete with private bar, lounge and plush decor thought, the Penthouse it the ultimate way to dine clients or an exclusive destination for your next event.

Know somewhere that should be on this list? Why not get in touch and let us know – we'd love to hear from you!

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Ideas for CSR teambuilding

manchester event organiser recommends CSR teambuilding

What is CSR Teambuilding?

Here at Assured Events we are continually helping clients with event planning which means exploring innovative ideas to engage employess and CSR teambuilding always scores highly amongst staff.

Of course, your staff work for you for a wage, but not far behind on their list of wants and needs is to take some level of enjoyment from their work.  Yes we all like to get something for nothing but the truth is, that it's also part of the human condition that we take a lot from being able to give to others.

CSR teambuilding looks to incorporate aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into your teambuilding event, whether this is through involvement in community or charity projects or driving charitable donations. Whichever way you look at it, it's about giving something back.

Who should involve themselves in CSR Teambuilding?

Pretty much anyone! You don’t have to have a strict CSR policy, just the drive and imagination to explore alternatives to traditional teambuilding activities. CSR Teambuilding not only engages employees, but provides a whole new sense of achievement compared to that of traditional methods, while still allowing key business objectives to be met.

CSR Teambuild Examples:

Community Contribution Days

manchester event organiser csr community challenge

Activities can range from conservation such as rebuilding forest pathways, hedgerows and fences or perhaps clearing canal sides, to renovation or simply helping out a youth group in your local area. The idea of such days is to engage employees, whilst making a visible difference in their local community. 

Charity Challenge

manchester event organiser charity challenge

Run in the style of ever popular TV shows such as The Apprentice or Bargain Hunt, teams work in sub-groups to accumulate currency, while working collectively towards the common goal of trying to raise as much money for a chosen charity or cause. The currency can then be spent at the 'shop' to buy items for those supported by local good causes.  This is great for those wishing to take a more light hearted approach to CSR teambuilding.  It also allows for all sizes of budget as the currency can be set to whatever value you choose.

CSR Incentive

manchester event organiser csr incentive

If CSR is proving to be at the forefront of your business objectives then maybe you could consider testing the water with a CSR incentive programme.  Becoming ever popular in the current climate; collaboration with a needy cause can see notable benefits for all involved.  For example staff could be incentivised to earn a place on a team that could take over a charity shop to try and drive sales or perhaps become involved with helping a local homless shelter.  It needn't be a one-off either - a whole programme could be developed.

CSR teambuilds are fantastic at breaking down barriers created by hierarchy, silo mentality or gelling new teams or departments.  The results are very tangible and very rewarding.  We are an event organiser based in Manchester but plan events all over Cheshire, the north west and the UK.  If this blog has got you thinking about how CSR teambuilding could work for you, contact us for a fresh look on teambuilding. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 0161 428 1115

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A Guide to the Best Venues in Chester

manchester conference organiser recommends the architectmanchester event organiser recommends upstairs at the grillmanchester event planner recommends oddfellows

Planning an event in Chester?  You need to read this

Laced with a colourful history and rich Roman heritage, Chester quite simply, is a beautiful medieval city. Complete with a Roman amphitheatre, main streets lined with picturesque shop rows and a riverside setting, the city’s historic roots are very much still alive today. Despite being almost 2,000 years old, this city hasn’t been left it in the dark ages; chic, boutique outlets decorate the cobbled streets. Whether you’re out for an afternoon of shopping, a day at the races or are planning an event in Chester, there are some key venues we would recommend that you check out for dining:

A petit restaurant, serving classic French cuisine. Formally known as “Franks”, despite the name change and an exterior facelift, the restaurant has still retained its “shabby chic” character. The food may appear of Parisian portion size, but appearances can be deceptive; the full bodied cuisine will not disappoint!

Upstairs at the Grill
Quite possibly THE best steak house I could name – it’s that good I have just booked a table for this weekend after writing this blog! Upstairs at the Grill can only be described as a boutique restaurant; decanter lamp shades, dimmed lighting and Moulin Rouge inspired restrooms! The food and service is simply impeccable - booking highly recommended.

A colourful, eccentric, quirky hangout for the city savvy. The decedent Lounge Bar leads out to the Secret Garden, complete with fake grass, private cabins and bespoke al fresco decor. The Garden restaurant serves great “posh-nosh” and is also a favourite for the resident “Let Them Eat Cake” afternoon tea. The venue also offers 18 boutique bedrooms; think chic urban retreat. Oddfellows is a bit of a jack of all trades, yet masters them all!

The Architect
A fairly new addition to the city, The Architect is located just up from the racecourse. Owned by Brunning & Price, the decor is synonymous with their style. With roving lawns and its iconic location, this is sure to be the destination of many race goers. Not only attractive for its drinking appeal, The Architect also serves great, British food, sourcing seasonal, local produce for the menu.

The Weighing Room
Having changed names a couple of times over the years, previously Got Wine and The Pelican, this gem is tucked away down the alley leading to Commonhall Street. With a hidden terrace, The Weighing Room is a winner on those rare sunny days; a great place to drink/dine alfresco and enjoy a glass of Pimms (or two!)

Chester isn’t short of hotels, whether you are looking for a local B&B or exclusive hideaway, Chester can cater to all. Famed as the home of The Grosvenor Hotel, which is always an excellent choice, a more boutique hideaway worth a mention is Dragonfly. Set in a Grade II listed building, this exclusive, 5-star townhouse is sleek-chic, yet filled with home comforts.

We are a Manchester event organiser but create memorable events all over Cheshire, the north west and the UK.  If you are planning an event in Chester give us a call.  Our expert project management team are as creative as they are organised and know Chester as well as our own city!

0161 428 1115; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Advice for exhibitors – Getting the most out of an exhibition

event organiser in manchester top tips for conference exhibitors
Advice for Exhibitors: Tips for Exhibiting at a Conference

Exhibitions provide invaluable face to face opportunities to build on existing, and forge new, relationships with clients in an environment conducive to networking.  Exhibition attendance costs, so here are a few of our tips on how to increase the ROI of the events to your company.


It might feel like a rehash of every bit of business advice you’ve ever been given, but the first step to getting the most from your exhibition is to ascertain your OBJECTIVES! What do you want to get from the experience? You can only decide how to tailor the rest of your exhibition activity once you know what you want to achieve. Make sales? Establish new leads? Build on relationships? Of course, you can have more than one objective; spending time clarifying and prioritising these means you have much more to rate the success of the endeavour against.

If your objectives involve meeting with and building relationships with existing clients then CONTACT them ahead of the event to see whether they’re going; it could be a great way to open a dialogue. See if you can arrange a meeting at the event (if the event permits), sometimes facilities are, or can be, provided for these private networking meetings.

Take the time to read through the exhibition literature and NOTE THE DEADLINES given. Being aware of the deadlines can be advantageous if you are able to choose your stand location as these are often offered on a first come first served basis. If you do get to choose your STAND LOCATION then decide whether one or two open sides works best for you, do you want a plot near a catering stand? Are there any other activities in the exhibition area that it may be advantageous to be near?

Are you thinking of running a COMPETITION for delegates or does the exhibition run one that you can get involved in? The organisers will be able to let you know if there are any restrictions regarding competitions and may be able to help you promote your activity.

Allowing time to read through the exhibition literature properly will also allow you to identify allocated SET UP TIMES and UNLOADING arrangements. With these in mind you could mark out the space of your stand on the floor and have a run through the set up and layout. This will help you take only the equipment necessary and know what is and isn’t achievable in the space and time provided.

Make sure that your staff at the event are BRIEFED; a unified message is stronger than a mismatch of information. Let them know what your objectives are and the approach you want them to take. If you have the resource, select those staff personalities that are best suited to the objectives you’ve identified. Sometimes this means a more senior person is not appropriate!

SUSTAINABLE THINKING: Before attending the exhibition think about what INFORMATION and MERCHANDISE you want to supply and how you’re going to supply them. Many delegates don’t want to carry around masses of paper and brochures, plus they aren’t great for the environment! How many ‘giveaways’ make it to a delegate’s desk rather than the bin? It may be just as cost effective to look at branded, pre-loaded USB sticks (which double up as useful merchandise) or to simply email information or utilise a file sharing website.


Hopefully your preparation means that you have spent time considering your stand’s APPEARANCE. Try not to block any open sides – they could help invite delegates onto your stand. If you have lots of members of staff but a fairly quiet stand, ask some of them to check out the rest of the exhibition or visit catering points to network with delegates and other exhibitors – too many staff on an empty stand can be intimidating to delegates.

The exhibition may provide opportunities to ENGAGE with delegates via social network feeds or news updates. If the exhibition runs parallel to a conference, does your attendance package include conference sessions? If so try and attend these, as well as providing insight into the issues your potential customers may face, they could provide talking points for later conversations with delegates.

SUSTAINABLE THINKING: It seems that today everyone claims to have green credentials. Take the time to think about how you want to convey your company’s SUSTAINABLE ETHOS. Delegates may know an awful lot about the topic and can recognise a ‘Green Wash’ – ensure that you and your staff are up to speed with the message you are delivering.


Try to FOLLOW UP leads within a couple of working days of the conference, so long as delegates indicated they were happy for you to do so. Keep contact as personal as possible, not just adding new leads to a generic mailer database.

Take the time to fill out any EVALUATION surveys you are sent. Exhibition organisers value the feedback of their customers and strive to improve their experience in order to better the event – in the long run this could help you!

As well as event feedback, have a DEBRIEF session with your team. What did they think they got from the experience? As a company, how can you improve your exhibition presence? It is best to conduct this as soon after the event as possible, while it’s still on people’s minds.

SUSTAINABLE THINKING: Only send out catalogues and brochures if necessary and requested – try and keep as much information ELECTRONIC as possible. How can leads help you as a business to be sustainable? Could swapping sustainable practices continue a dialogue?

So, our advice for getting the most out of your exhibition experience; PREPARE - read the supplied information, ask any questions, know exactly what you can do, where and at what times and brief your staff. Actively ENGAGE with delegates, both virtually and face to face. Gather and communicate your FEEDBACK – it’s your chance to have your say about any recommendations and changes to your experience.  Always consider SUSTAINABILITY in every decision you make!

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