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Questions we are frequently asked!

Creating an event can sometimes seem really daunting, so you will probably have a skip-load of questions. Here are some of the ones that we are most frequently asked…

  • What is the cost of event management for conferences…gala dinners… teambuilding … incentive trips? (Fill in the gap!) Open or Close

    There are two aspects to event costs: the Project Management (PM) Fee and the Operational Budget. The PM fee is the total cost of the agency time required to run the event. The Operational Budget covers everything else that is required such as venue costs, catering, audio visual, Speakers etc.

    There are no fixed ‘off-the-shelf’ prices for specific types of events. Working with you, we would complete an event brief, designed for your event type and then come up with a range of options of how your event might look and feel. Alongside this we would create a PM fee based on how much time we believe we would need from different levels of resource ranging from a Director to an Event Co-ordinator, across all aspects of the project.

    You may want us to manage everything itemised in the proposed PM fee or you may want to remove certain elements. Once the fee is agreed, it is fixed, so you can be re-assured that provided that the goalposts don’t significantly change, that is the fee, no matter how much time we put into the project.

    And believe us – it’s always much more time than appears on the PM fee!

  • Will the price of my event go up? Open or Close

    Sometimes when a project gets underway, you may want to alter things slightly and that’s fine and completely understandable. Our view is, ‘that’s life’ and we just get on with it.

    However, if you wanted to add extra days/nights to your event or perhaps arrange a whole host of additional activities or sub events to your project then, we would look to have a discussion about the PM fee.

    The Operational Budget will of course increase if you want additional activities included, whilst keeping all previous elements of the event.

    Managing events abroad, particularly incentive trips can also introduce some variation to costs (up or down) due to exchange rate fluctuations. However, we always allow for such variations when creating our initial budget.

    However, we won’t be adding costs onto the budget just because we want to. The budget is the budget and you have complete control over how it is spent.

  • Will I still control how much I spend on my event? Open or Close

    Absolutely. Although we would be managing the event on your behalf and would make recommendations – we don’t commit to any purchases without your approval. You will still have full control over how much you want to invest in your event.

  • How long do you need to plan for an event? Open or Close

    A very good question and again this depends on the scale of the event (and what level of involvement you require from us) and whether the venue has already been decided.
    We would create a bespoke time line for your event but as a rule of thumb we would suggest working to the following:

    Conference plus Exhibition:12-18 months
    Conference: 6-12 months
    Incentive Trip: 6-9 months
    Gala Dinner/Party: 3-6 months
    Teambuilding: 1-3 months

  • Why do I need an event management agency? Can’t I manage my event myself? Open or Close

    Of course you can. Most people will have managed an event of some sort, even if it’s just a party for friends. However, with an agency you will have the reassurance of working with someone who can bring ideas from other events, has existing contacts in place, is experienced at managing and getting the most out of budgets, handles all of the health and safety issues, insurances, has experienced resource available and can manage any troubleshooting before, during or after your event. So, whilst you can never fully enjoy your own party when you have to manage it, when we manage your events, we ensure that they are stress-free and that you get to enjoy them as much as your guests do.

  • Why should I pick Assured Events as my event organiser? Open or Close

    We’re one of the top event management agencies in the UK. We’ve been around for over ten years and work with some of the biggest names in the business: Coca-Cola, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Michael Page as well as Associations and other brilliant companies. We’re still working with some clients from when we opened our doors and have multiple projects that are being planned up to three years in advance. You can’t build up that level of client trust without being able to consistently deliver and bring client peace of mind.

    Our people are very approachable and immerse themselves in your event. They bring a positive, solution-focussed attitude to every project. We look after them too - we have a very low staff turnover, are incredibly financially stable and most of our new business comes from referrals.

    We manage projects with spends ranging from £5000 to over £500,000 and know how to sweat that budget!

  • Can I insure my event? Open or Close

    Yes you can. We carry Public Liability Insurance of £5M and Employers Liability Insurance of £10M. These can be increased on an event-by-event basis, if required. We can also take out insurance for your event to cover things like cancellation or re-arrangement and even offsetting the impact of terrorism or loss of profit.

  • How can you guarantee my event will work? Open or Close

    We establish very clear objectives with you at the beginning of the event management process. This helps us measure the success of an event when looking backwards at it. We carry out a full 360-degree evaluation post event and have a debrief with you. We don’t manufacture double glazing so we can’t provide a 10-year guarantee in that sense. However, our client service charter embodies our values of being effective communicators, honest, accurate, positive, solution-focussed and providing best value. Our repeat client base also acts as a testimonial to our approach and skillset.

    As one of the best event management agencies in the UK, we are always open to learning and new ideas. So, our guarantee is in sharing both our extensive event management delivery experience – experience that will hit your objectives - and in bringing an attitude and creativity to your event that will dazzle both you and your guests!

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