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Client: PageGroup
Event: High Flyers: Take to the Sky!

As part of an overall partnership between Assured Events and Page Group to help with the management of their High Flyer incentive programme, we were approached to look at a UK based trip option for Quarter 3 winners.

Particular challenge:
The incentive trips have a fixed budget per head and this one just allowed for an overnight stay.  Many high achievers have won places on previous incentive trips either at PageGroup or at previous companies, many of which would have been abroad.  It's always a challenge to create a UK proposition that has the same, or greater appeal, as travelling abroad..

The key challenge therefore was to create a UK event that would motivate even the hard-core top achiever!

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How did we meet the objectives and overcame challenges:

After an exhaustive search of locations and activities we settled on taking the group of 40 to Goodwood in Sussex.

Some early arrivals were treated to Spa treatments and then the whole group enjoyed lunch together.  After lunch, the fun really started!  We took the group out to Goodwood Airfield, where they had a briefing on basic flying techniques and how to hover a helicopter!

The group was split into two, one half took the the sky in pairs in light aircraft.  The other half had a couple of helicopters and pilots to guide them through take-offs, landing and hovering.

The whole experience was very hands-on and the light aircraft flying came with an added bonus.  After familiarising themselves with the flight controls the instructor guided them on a low level “bombing run” over the airfield. Whilst they maintained a steady pass, their passenger was tasked with dropping a grapefruit “bomb” onto a target.  They then landed and swapped over so that both winners had a chance of both activities.  The whole two groups then swapped over.

During the evening the group enjoyed fine dining at The Goodwood Hotel followed by an evening out at pre-paid haunts in Portsmouth.
We provided two hosts for this trip to ensure the winners were well looked after and the group conversation focussed on how amazing it was to have a go at activities that they never would have previously considered.


The organisation of the trip was rated as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ by 100% of attendees, with over 96% stating that it exceeded their expectations! Perhaps more importantly, we had demonstrated that there was still plenty that could be done in the UK that would inspire and motivate even the most successful achievers!

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“This took our High Flyers to a different level!  The team had a ball.  The whole event was thoroughly researched, well organised and the feedback has been fantastic. Assured Events did a sterling job!”
Managing Director: PageGroup


“The whole trip was really well organised and really well hosted! I think it's safe to say an amazing time was had by all. So grateful to have been part of it!”
Incentive Winner: PageGroup


“Flying at Goodwood was immense! Hugely enjoyable but very well organised - filled with activity but also enough time for us to unwind and relax. Thanks so much!”
Incentive Winner: PageGroup