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Not sure what’s involved in the various aspects of event management?
Take a look at our services sections to find out more about what we do and how we can help you.

Event production

What’s involved

Event production covers everything that's needed to turn the vision into reality. There's a huge amount to do. Idea generation, programming, selecting suppliers. Making lists, plotting milestones, setting budgets. Tracking progress. And, of course, bringing it all together on the day.

How we help

We're there every step of the way. If you've never organised an event before, it doesn't matter. We deal with everything, building on your ideas and working towards your goals. When it comes to the big decisions, we give you options to choose from and all the information you need to help you decide. You don’t have to worry about finding time, forgetting a crucial detail, or failing to meet expectations on the day. Our team becomes an extension of yours, giving you all the resources you need to put on a professional, exciting and memorable event.

Venue finding and liaison

What’s involved

First, there are the practical considerations. What location will attract people? Is there enough accommodation? How might the facilities work for your programme ideas? It’s easy to be misled. For example, a venue might say they can sub-divide a conference room, but won’t mention you can then hear everything that happens on the other side of the partition.

Second come the less tangible considerations. These can be equally important. What type of experience do you want participants to have? Castle or conference centre? Sports stadium or art gallery? Each has its own unique atmosphere that will have a big impact on what people think, feel and do.

How we help

We talk about what you want, think about what you need, and research options. Typically, we might contact more than twenty possible venues at this stage. We negotiate on your behalf, making the most of our long-standing venue relationships to get you the best rates and terms. Where a venue can provide the right dates at the right price, we make a provisional booking.

We then take you on site visits to shortlisted venues, to explore with you how the event could work at each. Once you’ve made your decision, we look after the booking confirmation process, manage payment schedules and handle all venue liaison before and during the event. We make sure the venue knows exactly what’s needed and delivers it. After the event, you can rely on us to check each line of the venue invoice so you don’t pay a penny more than you should.

Booking accommodation

What’s involved

Booking accommodation is a hassle. You have to find hotels of an appropriate standard in the right location, contact them to establish availability, agree prices. If you’re co-ordinating the group, you have to provide lists of names and sort out payment. Alongside this, you’re spending time liaising with the individuals concerned, checking requirements, worrying if everyone has a room. If the event involves hundreds or even thousands of people, sorting out accommodation can become a full time job.

How we help

We take everything off your hands. Our service includes identifying hotels that meet your brief and negotiating preferential rates, making provisional and confirmed bookings, communicating with participants, handling the inevitable changes, and preparing rooming lists. Paying close attention to detail, we make sure there’s a room for everyone. If you need to arrange express check-in and out, room upgrades for VIPs, or to sort out any other special requirements, just ask.

Bookings, registration and delegate management

What’s involved

How you handle booking and registration sets the scene for the event. Make experiences easy for participants, and you’re off to a good start. Make processes efficient, and you save time and stress all round.

Pre-event, delegate management involves collecting information from delegates, keeping accurate records, dealing with queries, and providing venues and other suppliers with comprehensive lists of names and numbers. DIY systems quickly become unwieldy, as emails go back and forward, spreadsheets grow larger, and lists get longer. You can find yourself forced to spend hours cross-checking and recounting to make sure the information is correct.

On-site, it’s important to welcome people with a smooth registration process. There’s a lot to think about. What will you be giving people on arrival? How can you avoid queues?

How we help

We provide a full registration/booking and delegate management service. Our starting point is to set your event up in our tried-and-tested online booking software, complete with your own branding. Configuring the system to handle different ticket types, multiple session options and more, we give participants a fuss-free way to book. Your organisation looks professional, and you can see exactly how sales are going at the click of a mouse. The software also handles credit card payments, making payment simple and straightforward.

Once booked, people get online confirmations and regular reminders. These help generate excitement and minimise drop-out rates. Attendees can download materials, so there’s no need to post or email documents.

Alongside the online booking site, we can provide extra support through a dedicated phone booking/help line.

As the event approaches, we provide all the necessary lists and numbers to the venue and liaise with them over particular requirements. We print name badges, and plan arrival logistics to ensure people can get into the event without delay and you can start the programme on time. On the day, we set up and man registration and information desks, welcoming participants with a smile and making sure they have everything they need.

Award programme management

What’s involved

In any awards programme, there’s a lot to do in top of organising the final celebratory dinner. Spreading the word, persuading people to enter, perhaps sourcing sponsorship. Combined with managing all the paperwork and admin involved, it can all take up a significant amount of time.

How we help

Alongside organising your awards dinner, we create an identity for the complete programme, put together promotional material, and publicise the event through the most appropriate channels. We also co-ordinate nominations and voting, source sponsorship and prizes, and arrange for any trophies and engraving.
Everything runs smoothly from start to finish, strengthening the award’s brand and reputation – and you don’t have to neglect the day job to make it happen.

Social media management

What’s involved

Social media can help you promote the event and reach out to a wider audience both during the event itself and after. Via Twitter and Facebook, for example, you can create a buzz around the event, sharing snippets of information and encouraging conversations. To use social media successfully, though, is time consuming. It’s all about creating a dialogue with followers, which means it’s important to keep them interested and to pay constant attention: if people engage with you, they expect you to respond.

How we help

We spread the word effectively to the right people using each different channel to best advantage for your particular event. Following a well-planned social media strategy, we look after the day-to-day activity on the accounts. You see your audience growing and bookings increase.

During the event, we can organise webstreaming and live social media feeds.
Afterwards, we can upload event footage to the web to share what happened and keep the interest going. You and your speakers benefit from a higher profile - and you never know who will make contact and where it may lead.

Charity fund raising activities

What’s involved

An event can be a great way to raise funds for your chosen charity. To make the most of the opportunity, it’s important to identify an activity that will go down well with your audience. It’s also crucial to choose the right person to run the activity on the day. You’re looking for someone who can create a relaxed atmosphere that makes people enjoy parting with their cash.

How we help

If you’d like to add a fundraising element to an event we’re organising, let us know. We can suggest ideas, source prizes and recommend how best to integrate the activity into the event timetable. We can also manage the activity on the day – so if you’ve never seen yourself as a quiz master or auctioneer, don’t worry. Just join in the fun and leave us to make sure as much money as possible is raised.

Promotional merchandise

What’s involved

Branded items strengthen the identity of an event. Give participants something they will want to use after, and you also keep the memory of the event and its messages alive. It can be a challenge, though, to find give-away items that help you meet sustainability aspirations.

How we help

In partnership with Hatters, we can supply a wide range of sustainably-sourced promotional items. Importantly, Hatters make sure that sustainability is built in at every stage of the supply chain. Fair wages, decent working conditions, and minimal environmental impact.

Possibilities include recycled polypropylene bookmarks, eco-friendly bamboo lanyards, and hand-operated battery free torches as well as useful recycled pens, paper and delegate bags.

We sort out whatever you need as part of our event management service, or you can buy direct.
Go to http://hatterspromotions.com to see the range, and quote ASSURED for a 10% discount.


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