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Accommodation and Travel

What’s involved

Let’s face it, booking accommodation and travel is a hassle. You have to find hotels of an appropriate standard in the right location, contact them to establish availability, agree prices. If you’re co-ordinating the group, you have to provide lists of names and sort out payment. Alongside this, you’re spending time liaising with the individuals concerned, checking requirements, passports worrying if everyone has a room. If the event involves hundreds or even thousands of people, sorting out accommodation and travel can become a full-time job.

How we help

We take everything off your hands. Our service includes identifying hotels and travel options that meet your brief and negotiating preferential rates, going through contracts with fine-tooth combs (and there are ALWAYS errors), making provisional and confirmed bookings, communicating with participants, handling the inevitable changes, and preparing rooming lists. Paying close attention to detail, we make sure there’s a room for everyone and that everyone knows they have a room.  If you need to arrange express check-in and out, room upgrades for VIPs, or to sort out any other special requirements, just ask.

Some of our team have worked on the venue side previously so have additional insight into what can and can’t be achieved.  That said, the whole team is experienced at managing the accommodation booking process, whether in Manchester, Cheshire, across the UK or abroad.