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Venue Finding

What’s involved

First, there are the practical considerations. What location will attract people? Is there enough accommodation? How might the facilities work for your programme ideas? It’s easy to be misled. For example, a venue might say they can sub-divide a conference room, but won’t mention you can then hear everything that happens on the other side of the partition. The bride never wants to hear another bride’s wedding going on, right?

Second come the less tangible considerations. These can be equally important. What type of experience do you want participants to have? Castle or conference centre? Sports stadium or art gallery? Each has its own unique atmosphere that will have a big impact on what people think, feel and do.

Venue choice can make for break an event before its even started, so finding the right venue is critical.

How we help

We talk with you about what you want, think about what you need to achieve your objectives, and research options. Typically, we might contact more than twenty possible venues at this stage. We negotiate on your behalf, making the most of our long-standing venue relationships to get you the best rates and terms. Where a venue can provide the right dates at the right price, we make a provisional booking.

We then take you on site visits to shortlisted venues, to explore with you how the event could work at each.  Once you’ve made your decision, we look after the booking confirmation process, manage payment schedules and handle all venue liaison before and during the event. We make sure the venue knows exactly what’s needed and delivers it. After the event, you can rely on us to check each line of the venue invoice so you don’t pay a penny more than you should.

We have an extensive database of venues across the whole of the UK and pride ourselves on discovering unique and unusual opportunities that many event agencies may not consider.

Although we’re a Manchester event organiser, we work with venues throughout Cheshire, Merseyside, Yorkshire, Wales the north West and all over the UK and Europe.